Borneo Football International Foundation – Stadium Fundraising Appeal

Inspiring the next generation - more than soccer.

Borneo Football International Foundation (BFIF) had humble beginnings. 
Ten years ago our Subud brother, Bachrun Bustillo, started kicking a football around after school with kids from Rungan Sari’s school (Kalimantan).  The kids loved it. More joined in. 
Now over 3,000 children across the region benefit from BFIF’s programs.
This amazing initiative offers more than football training.  BFIF provides health and nutrition programs, COVID food packages, training in financial literacy, jobs skills, exploration of social values, and English language classes.  It is a vehicle to create hope, skills and attitudes to enable these kids to grow as human beings, contribute to their community, and eventually support their own families. Some have gone on to become coaches and undertake higher education. 

Dharma Care has raised $79,390 towards the program over the last four years.  

BFIF’s latest project is building an indoor stadium that will allow programs to run even during the long wet season, plus provide a professional regional venue. It will also be a great additional venue for Subud World Congress in 2024.
Amazingly, out of the local forest this enormous structure is emerging.
BFIF Stadium Building Commenced
BFIF Stadium Building Commenced
The project is currently on schedule but needs a final injection of funds from around the world to get it over the line. With your help, Dharma Care is raising a further $76,000 by the end of November as its contribution.   
But this project is not about buildings; it’s about kids.

Making a Donation

You can donate to this project directly here.

Donate by Bank Transfer

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the project (that includes a 15% donation to Dharma Care), you can transfer funds directly to the following bank account
Dharma Care Donations Account
BSB: 062 580
Acc No: 10374063
Please mark your transfer with BFIF and your surname – e.g. BFIF Smith.  Please notify us by email of your donation at so we can send you your receipt.