Reducing Child Stunting, Indonesia

Reducing Child Stunting, Indonesia

Dharma Care collaborates with Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) to deliver an ongoing program aimed at reducing the incidence of child stunting in Java and Kalimantan. UNICEF reports that more than 30% of Indonesian children under 5 years are stunted due to poor nutrition. In addition, nearly 50% of pregnant women are anaemic. This affects the future growth, motor and cognitive development of their children. COVID is making the situation worse. This project’s aims to:

  • Train 130 volunteer health workers across 36 health clinics in West Java & Kalimantan.
  • Monitor the growth & development of 450 babies & toddlers in 18 villages plus provide nutritional information & support.
  • Provide health checks & nutritional support for 250 pregnant & breastfeeding mums.


More information:

Annual Target: $29,000

Please see video / images below.

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