Reducing Child Stunting, Indonesia

98.7 % Reduction in child stunting achieved

Project Background

There are over 8 million stunted children in Indonesia – 31% of all children. WHO defines stunting as the failure to reach one’s potential growth and development due to insufficient nutrient intake, poor hygiene and frequent infections and is associated with terrible disadvantages. Last year, the major  Indonesian charity, Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) collaborated with Dharma Care to support community-run Posyandu (Integrated Health Services Centers) in villages to spread knowledge of the risk of stunting among families, especially those with pregnant women. 

After 10 months of providing training for volunteer health workers, food packages for expecting mothers, plus continued awareness campaigns in the community, initial results show a considerable decrease in the number of babies born stunted. 

Last year, Dharma Care donors contributed AUD12,300 towards this project to provide training for volunteer health workers, food packages for expecting mothers, plus continued awareness campaigns in the communit

Currently, the country is home to over 6 million stunted children. Many factors contribute to childhood stunting, and these factors are often linked: with poor nutrition and a lack of access to diverse foods; poor sanitation and no access to clean drinking water; lack of proper healthcare for children and their mothers; and inadequate psychosocial stimulation and/or parent-infant bonding.

Project Aim

This project continues the work carried out in 2021 in Cipanas, West Java.  The project this year aims to train 40 volunteer health workers and train a further 15 to become community leaders to be in the frontline training other health workers.  This year, YUM plans to work with 10 Posyandu and 100 pregnant mothers.  The project will also provide proper nutrition through the distribution of food packages and help to detect anemia during pregnancy by providing free hemoglobin level checks and distributing iron supplements.

The average rate for stunted babies born in regional areas is significantly higher. Last year, YUM recognised the crucial role of supporting community-run Posyandu (Integrated Health Services Center) in villages in order to spread knowledge on the risk of stunting among families, especially those currently with pregnant women and people living in remote and regional areas many with poor nutritional access..

More information: yumindonesia.org

Stunning Outcomes to Date

In total, close to 1,100 babies, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and volunteer health workers have benefited directly from the support that was given. 

One year into the program and a 98% reduction in stunted children at the age of 3 months has been achieved.  Further delivery of this program is planned for the years ahead to cover more regions, mothers and children.

The full YUM project report below explains the actions and results achieved so far.

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Annual Target: AUD $12,000

Read the latest project report on the amazing outcomes delivered including a 98% reduction in child stunting achieved in the last period.  With more regional areas to cover and more mothers and children to impact, this project has the capacity to change forever the lives of hundreds of children.

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