Acts of kindness, generations of change.

Srey Lak Program for Girls

Dharma Care’s Srey Lak Program for Girls provides board, food and education for some of Cambodia’s most destitute girls – some have spent their entire lives on rubbish tips or in the streets.   Many girls have now been supported through school and into University Degrees.

News - our work, projects, and impacts in the regional communities we support.

Local Activities

bush pod

Homelessness Temporary Accommodation

short term homelessness solutions


Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat – Cougal, NSW

100-bed wilderness group venue


Flood Relief - Kyogle & Tweed Shire, Northern NSW.

helping those affected by floods

bush fire - dharma care

Australian Bushfire Appeal – Kyogle Shire, NSW

help for fire-affected families

International Activities

Safe Housing & Education for Cambodia’s Destitute Girls

board and education for destitute girls

Health Programs for the Rural Poor, Java

health programs for elderly poor

Reducing Child Stunting, Indonesia

reducing the incidence of child stunting

Football as a Vehicle to Support Destitute Children, Kalimantan

health and education through football

Health Services for Mothers and Children, Democratic Republic of the Congo

maternity hospital

Indonesian Earthquake Appeal. 73,000 people are displaced living in shelters.

 disaster aid and support



We want to build a world where everyone is able to live a meaningful life filled with joy and fulfilment, no matter who they are.


Being human means accepting the responsibility to look after those around us who need help, no matter where they are. 

Dharma Care provides the funds, services, facilities and safe spaces that offer sustainable solutions to the destitute and disadvantaged.

We facilitate lasting change to support and empower current and future generations to reach their potential.  We connect people who care with people in need.


We support and empower people in need in regional communities. We do this by providing the tools, resources and the opportunities they need to build safer and more sustainable lives for themselves and their families.

By partnering with tier one organisations, and our caring and compassionate donors, Dharma Care delivers support that makes a real difference to real people in Australia and overseas.   


How We Work


Dharma Care is not reliant on government funding. Over forty years we have sought self-reliance through social enterprise. We value our supporters.


In all we do, we value Collaboration, Integrity, Humanity, Self-determination and Diligence.

Due Diligence

We undertake rigorous due diligence and risk assessments prior to project support. We receive quarterly reports from projects for distribution to donors.


We use your donations wisely – Your money directly supports Dharma Care’s projects, with only 15% going towards the administrative costs associated with running the organisation. This is significantly lower than the average percentage of donations spent on administration by most charities. We can do this because our social enterprise, Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat offering health and wellness retreats, also supports our charitable activities. We truly appreciate the generosity of our supporters and carefully distribute our donations to ensure the maximum benefit from every dollar you donate. To minimise costs, Board positions are voluntary, and where possible, we use volunteers in other roles. Project due diligence, liaising with partners and recipients, reporting to donors, maintaining records, as well as effective communication strategies are all part of our responsibilities. Federal and State regulations and reporting requirements are also a time-consuming fact of life. Fifteen per cent of donations contribute to providing these services.


We are one human family. We believe helping others is an essential part of being human.

‘Dharma’ is an ancient Sanskrit word that has taken on many meanings over the centuries. It has both religious and secular connotations relating to truth, reality and ethics. To us, the words ‘Dharma Care’ represent a charitable obligation to give something of ourselves in caring for other people who are not as fortunate.

We need you and your help

Dharma Care’s work doesn’t just help a single person right now; it’s a seed that’s planted to benefit the wider community both now and in the future. Sustainable change can’t be achieved by making communities reliant on handouts. Action, collaborative support and initiatives based on achievable goals are needed to make a difference for generations to come. So that’s what we do.

Disadvantages, whether related to wealth, geographical location or opportunity, are typically inherited from the generation before. By empowering individuals to take action towards a better future for themselves today, we create a ripple effect that will improve the lives of future generations.

We seek donations and volunteer support from individuals and organisations. Through collaborating, volunteering, donating, or promoting our work, you can make a difference, and help to nourish the human spirit in us all.

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