Congo Maternity Hospital

Health services for mothers and children

Project description

Conflict, poverty, acute malnutrition, high infant mortality, limited access to clean drinking water, and frequent disease outbreaks mean humanitarian needs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are among the highest in the world.

There is only 1 doctor for 20,000 patients in rural DRC (1 to 500 is normal in industrialised countries), and 40% of the population have inadequate access to healthcare due to a lack of health infrastructure at the community level. Since 2010, SDIA and SD Congo have constructed or refurbished the Community Health Centers at Madimba, Lemba Imbu and Nkandu, and built two regional hospital centers – one at Kingantoko and the other being the Mother-Child Hospital Center of Kwilu Ngongo.

Project Aim

To complete Phase III of the Mother-Child Hospital Center of Kwilu Ngongo by constructing a surgery that will make the current clinic a reference hospital in the health zone of Kwilu Ngongo, Congo Central Province, and significantly increase the services to the local population of 152,000.

We have now closed Online Fundraising for this project. $14,958 raised.

We exceeded our target and have donated the funds raised, We want to especially thank the Dharma Care donors who supported this project.