Mobile temporary accommodation and support for the homeless

Seeking your support and help

Homelessness has been a national crisis for many years – and its getting worse.  Natural disasters caused by climate change are exacerbating the problem.

Recent fires and floods have left many families in desperate need of accommodation and the basic necessities of life such as furniture, linen and household appliances.  Some families have lost everything.

Dharma Care is providing mobile temporary accommodation for families in desperate need.  We are also providing gift vouchers from major retailers to provide the basic necessities so they can be as comfortable as possible while we assist them in getting more permanent accommodation.

Corporate and individual donations of even modest amounts will help us support more desperate families.  

The first accommodation solutions will be located in Kyogle shire to take advantage of the new Council regulations that enable temporary accommodation units to be located on land for longer periods. Once established there, the regulations and possibilities in other shires, such as Tweed Shire, will also be explored.

In time we envisage having multiple short term accommodation solutions across a number of local regions.

Have you seen any innovative and affordable solutions, or would you like to get involved?

We would love to hear from you if you have any ideas.   We truly value your input and involvement.
One story from the front lines: “One woman described the uncertainty of not having a roof over her head as debilitating.  She explained she felt left behind, futureless and constantly stressed to the point of not being able to sleep properly. She said the Dharma Care gift cards made her cry.  She was so grateful for the help.”