As the CEO of Dharma Care and one of its founding Directors, I am very proud of what we have achieved over forty years.  And by ‘we’, I mean all the donors and volunteers who have given so much. We only have to look into the faces of the people we help, young and old, […]

Building Bridges

Poverty is intergenerational.  If you are born into poverty, it is most likely that you will struggle to escape from poverty all your life.  In his latest book, “On Life’s Lottery”, Glyn Davis (AC) of the Australian National University asks the question: “If life is a game of chance, what responsibility do those who are […]

COVID Suffering – Dharma Care’s Response

Since the Indonesian government announced the first case of COVID-19 early in 2020, large-scale social restrictions have been implemented in all 34 Indonesian provinces. These mandated people to continue their activities from home; only a few fields of work were able to continue. In West Java and Central Kalimantan, where economic development and living standards […]

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