Dharma Care’s Deputy CEO – Darren Sutton

Deputy CEO Appointment 

Dharma Care is delighted to announce the appointment of Darren Sutton as our Deputy CEO. Here are Darren’s thoughts on his appointment and his plans for the future of Dharma Care and our Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat.

I was very excited when I saw the Deputy CEO role advertised as the skill set and opportunity appeared to suit me perfectly. I had a desire to do more work in the NFP space following the success I have achieved in fundraising locally through an award-winning music event that I founded.

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink

Whilst I had already heard of Dharma Care, I was not aware of the amazing programs and projects they are supporting locally in Australia and overseas, in providing vital help to children, families and the elderly.

Nutrition support to undernourished children in Kalimantan

Following my application, I had an initial email discussion with Irwan Wyllie, Dharma Care’s CEO. I was very happy to be shortlisted. I then met Irwan and Maria Blake, Vice-Chair of Dharma Care, on a zoom call.

Following the success of the call, Irwan and Davin Shellshear, Chair of Dharma Care, and I met face-to-face. I connected well and had a great sense of heart and compassion from everyone present. I felt really suited to the role and hoped I had put my best foot forward. Davin and Irwan certainly enjoyed some of my humour and many of my ideas.

Blank canvas for digital marketing 

What excites me the most about this opportunity is that for me it represents a totally open canvas to effectively and clearly define DC’s Marketing and Communication strategy, and then deliver on the values and services of both Dharma Care and their amazing 200-acre property in northern NSW, Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat. I hope to be able to continue to grow and build DC’s audiences, deliver content to engage, increase leads and bookings and boost donation support from individuals and corporates through internally led digital marketing.

A wedding at Sine Cera

A visit to Sine Cera was magical

I had the chance to go and see the Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat and met the most down-to-earth and committed team you could ever wish for – Tim, Greg, Stephanie, Joe, John and Karyn and of course their dogs Marley and Ted. They all made me feel welcome and connected. I look forward to building great relationships and collaborating with all of them on our ideas for future growth. I am really looking forward to adding value and helping to grow awareness and funding so Dharma Care can continue to deliver some fantastic projects including one that is close to my heart: addressing the housing crisis and providing low-cost housing close to Murwillumbah.

The 300-sqm Dining Hall at Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat, NSW

Darren SuttonDarren Sutton, Dharma Care’s Deputy CEO