On gratitude, generosity and charity

My journey to the Dharma Care Board started in tears. Weeping silently in a dark room watching a Dharma Care presentation of a child living on a rubbish tip in Cambodia. With muddy, matted hair, malnourished and scantily dressed, she was discovered by Livingston and Miyako Armytage (DCI Board member) and given a transformed life. Today, with the help of Dharma Care, that child born on a rubbish tip is a beautiful, educated young woman winning prizes and kicking goals. Now an asset to humanity instead of a heartbreak.

How could I not cry to witness the misfortune of others juxtaposed with a sense of incredible gratitude that I wasn’t born on a rubbish tip. I silently thanked Dharma Care for reminding me how a time or place of birth can determine a destiny of hope or tragedy, and how grateful I feel for the blessings of a life born into a family that had a home, education and nurturing parents.

Generosity, care, compassion for others; the human qualities so vital for our fragile world, and a destination so needed at this time. Helping others can be an uncertain journey, wondering where to begin and how, and yet here in our own backyard is Dharma Care Inc, a charity and social enterprise with tax deductible status, run by a team of tremendous giants in their fields – Irwan Wylie, Davin Shellshear, Miyako Armytage, Arif Matthee and Markus Fraval – all amazing, competent, professional and gracious people dedicated to a vision of helping those that are less fortunate.

To be in any position to help others, whether through a smile, a prayer, a good deed, a donation, is a privilege because not everyone has the physical, emotional or financial capacity to give. Having the capability and potential to give is a gift that is so easy to forget or take for granted.

If you would like to share your gratitude by supporting those in need through Dharma Care, please contact Irwan Wylie at info@dharmacare.org.au, or visit us at Dharma Care at: www.dharmacare.org.au

About Dharma Care Inc:

“We help those in distress or severe disadvantage. Our focus is on supporting families, children and the elderly in regional communities, in Australia and globally. We provide charitable services, facilities and safe spaces through social enterprises and public donations. We also collaborate widely, supporting other charities and fostering donors’ trust through professionalism and transparency.”