Richard Merton, Dharma Care’s Admin Officer

I’m Richard Merton, Admin Officer at Dharma Care Inc (DCI). If you have ever enquired about or made a booking for Sine Cera (DCI’s rainforest retreat in northern NSW), made a donation to one of our projects, or read a DCI financial report, then you have probably corresponded with me.

For the past couple of years, on Mondays and Tuesdays, I have been joining Irwan Wyllie (DCI’s CEO) at the Cubby (Irwan’s man cave) to engage in deep philosophical and spiritual dialogue and do a bit of administration work as well!

I am always amazed at the amount and scope of Irwan’s abilities, so I do my best to simplify and streamline the processes to make it all a bit more efficient. My experience as Business Manager for small rural Steiner schools in both NE Victoria and then in northern NSW over the past 20 years has stood me in good stead for this task.

I moved with my wife, Anamaya, from Mansfield, NE Victoria to Mount Burrell in the Northern Rivers district of NSW in 2017. We live in a small off-grid house in the subtropical rainforest on a 164-acre property with 11 other households. We love the environment and the community, although as we get older the physical work of a large property tends to get harder. I’m excited by the new Dharma Care Community Housing Project which seeks to create a village community closer in to Murwillumbah!

I’m also impressed by the focus, compassion, professionalism and incredible generosity of the Board members and others involved with Sine Cera and Dharma Care. It’s a great organisation to work for and be associated with!