The impacts of our charitable activities – improving lives globally in regional communities

Delivering health and education benefits, reducing poverty, helping with natural disaster recovery and homelessness.

We’ve crunched the numbers across all of our activities to summarise the impacts of charitable activities we undertake along with our global project partners.   Please enjoy our very first infographic to summarise some of the great things we have achieved.

The 10 projects we have supported have delivered various benefits in 5 countries.

If you want to donate to any of the projects we are continuing to raise funds for, you can access the project / donation pages from the links below.   Projects not linked are now completed.

By donating to Dharma Care, you are not only providing hope and brighter futures to families and children now, but for generations to come.  That is a magnificent legacy of which you can truly be proud.


Goal / Outcomes

YUM Rural HealthProvide rural health, food packages and nutrition to regional communities promoting heathy eating, reducing illness or disease and preventing inflammation, anemia and dehydration.
YUM Child Stunting98.7 % reduction in child stunting achieved during trial. Food packages, education, home gardening, nutrition and vitamins are provided to expecting mothers across regional communities.
YPK – Family Education and Livelihood Sustainability Program Provide nutritional education and sustainable home-based agriculture allowing communities to increase food production
and earn an income from agriculture and permaculture best practices.
PIO – Schools for GirlsProvide education, food and board for homeless and destitute girls in Cambodia.  Some of the girls in this program started life on a rubbish dump and have now completed university.
Nepal EarthquakeDeliver education to build earthquake proof housing and safe dependable water supply. 
Congo WellsDeliver safe and accessible drinking water to a village of 5,000, saving women from walking all day and manually carrying heavy loads.  Releases children to attend school.
Congo Maternity HospitalProvide a maternity facility to a region that has previously never had a hospital. Reducing death and illness by delivering health checks, medication, operations for mothers and children and a regional hospital for the community.
Borneo Football International Academy.Borneo Football International Academy has 340 players including three all girls team and reaches more than 3,000 students in local schools through football training, health and education programs. 
HomelessnessProvision of temporary and medium term accommodation and financial support to enable people who are homeless to focus on work opportunities and to rebuild a sustainable life.