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Dharma Care is not reliant on government funding. For over forty years we have sought self-reliance through social enterprise. 

We want to work with others. We would love your support.   We have a great responsibility to donors to ensure donations are effectively managed and project outcomes are achieved.   To minimise costs, Board positions are voluntary, and where possible, we use volunteers in other roles.

Project due diligence, liaising with partners and recipients, reporting to donors, maintaining records, as well as effective communication strategies are all part of our responsibilities. Federal and State regulations and reporting requirements are also a time-consuming fact of life.   

Only Fifteen per cent of donations contribute to providing these services that allows us to effectively deliver your donations to deliver maximum impact and outcomes.  This is significantly lower than an average of what most charities operate at for donations relative to administration costs.


Regular Donations Help Us Do More

Donations for the overall support of Dharma Care are also tax-deductible. In particular, regular donations, no matter how small, are of enormous help to us.

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Thank you for your support. It means a lot and allows us to bring innovative projects and solutions to care for communities globally.

Donate to support our work caring for communities globally

Your donations are tax-deductible.   Thank you for your support.   

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Most charities need strong volunteers to help deliver our work effectively.

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