Dharma Care Testimonials – from Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre’s Assisted Referral and Material Aid (ARMA) Service

Heart warming appreciation for our gift cards at a time of need for so many.

1. An elderly man whose wife who has an ongoing serious heart condition lost their home in the Feb/March floods. Their caravan was uninsured and he has been repairing their home on his own, while caring for his ailing wife. Upon being given the Dharma Care gift cards he was visibly moved saying “I feel so emotional. It touches our heart just knowing people care.  People who don’t know us.  We are so grateful.” 


2. A sexual abuse survivor (sole parent) who is also living with disability, recently lost their job due to illness and had no way to support themselves or their child. When given the Dharma Care gift cards, the client said, “It had helped stop me from falling into the cracks, it gave me some hope in continuing on and helped stop us from becoming homeless.”


3. Sole parent who was flood impacted and experiencing domestic abuse. The Dharma Care gift cards assisted financially after leaving the abusive relationship. They stated, “I don’t know what I would have done without help, I had to get out while I could.”


4. An elderly woman, caring for her grandson who lives with disability and requires significant extra care, lost her caravan in the flood disaster. She and also lost all their possessions, is paying rent until her home is repaired, and is also paying site fees. She has chronic health issues of her own that impact on her mobility. She has never asked for help and the gift cards have provided much needed relief for herself and grandson. She is deeply grateful.


5. A family recently impacted by domestic and family abuse needed assistance with providing food and household goods at their new location. The parent stated, “Dharma Care appeared in our family just when we needed the most help, so many blessings to the loving people who make it possible.”