I PROTECT ME – Self-Protection Training for Schools and Vulnerable Adults in South Africa

New Project July 2024: I PROTECT ME: Empowering Through Self-Protection Training

The I PROTECT ME (IPM) project is a pioneering self-protection training initiative aimed at schools and vulnerable adults in South Africa. It focuses on crucial interventions against bullying and sexual violence, aiming to tackle a spectrum of pressing social issues including domestic violence, gender-based violence, femicide, sexual violence, child abuse, and bullying. 

By equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools to safeguard themselves, IPM is committed to breaking the cycle of violence and creating safer, more respectful communities.

Objectives of the IPM Initiative

The IPM project is driven by a series of ambitious goals designed to empower individuals and transform communities:

1. Education on Abuse: Teach people to recognise abuse in all its forms and understand strategies to prevent its occurrence.

2. Empowerment through Self-Protection: Equip children, youth, and vulnerable adults with the skills to stand up for themselves and others, encouraging them to set and respect personal boundaries.

3. Creation of Safe Spaces: Develop environments conducive to open dialogue on social issues like teenage pregnancy, parental behaviour, and gender-based violence, fostering a culture of thoughtful decision-making and healthy living.

4. Promotion of Social Solidarity and Inclusion: Enhance community involvement and support social inclusion by empowering economically and socially marginalized groups.

5. Protection of Rights: Advocate for the rights of at-risk individuals, addressing and challenging the oppression and discrimination perpetuated by structural, social, and cultural barriers.

6. Behavioral and Attitudinal Change: Shift attitudes and behaviors concerning sexual violence across all genders and age groups, promoting respect and dignity.

Expected Outcomes and Impact

The project is designed to yield significant, measurable outcomes that reflect its comprehensive approach:

– Reduction of Sexual Violence: Teach self-protection techniques to drastically reduce incidents of sexual violence among women, girls, and vulnerable adults.

– Strengthening Support Structures: Enhance the effectiveness of support groups and local partnerships, providing robust backing for those in need.

– Development of Safe and Inclusive Spaces: Establish safe, inclusive environments for learning and personal development, particularly for vulnerable demographics.

– Community Building and Local Development: Contribute to the strengthening of community bonds and the development of local institutional frameworks.

Empowerment through Training and Development

A crucial element of IPM’s strategy includes the upskilling of its prevention workers through specialized Training of Trainers programs, which aim to capacitate and facilitate personal development among IPM volunteers. This investment in human resources ensures that the project’s objectives are sustainably met and that the community as a whole can benefit from educated and empowered individuals.

The I PROTECT ME project is more than just a training program—it’s a movement towards a safer, more inclusive society where every individual is empowered to protect themselves and others. Through education, empowerment, and community engagement, IPM is setting new standards in the fight against abuse and violence, paving the way for a future where everyone can live free from fear and harm.