Indonesian Earthquake Appeal – relief and recovery

Incredible effort to help those most affected by the recent Earthquake.

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake that struck near Cianjur in West Java in Indonesia on 27 November 2022 caused widespread damage and resulted in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries. The earthquake caused damage to over 62,628 homes in 16 districts and was strongly felt in Jakarta. It is considered the deadliest earthquake in Indonesia since the 2018 Sulawesi earthquake, with a maximum Modified Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe).  

In a recent blog post – Uttama Pranaya, Fundraising and Communications Officer at Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM), provided a fantastic update on the relief effort following this devasting earthquake.

The YUM team distributed relief to earthquake-affected areas in the sub-districts of Sukaresmi and Pacet. The team divided the donated items, including food, water, and clothing, into smaller packages for distribution.   YUM also captured some great photos showing the full extent of the damage and the ongoing relief efforts.

The first stop on the team’s journey through the affected areas was Sarongge Girang, where Yadi, a former YUM intern, showed the team the affected communities. Most of the homes were damaged and residents were living in makeshift tents due to aftershocks.

The next stop was another community in Sarongge Girang, followed by Sarongge Kidul, that mostly consisted of farmers. Their homes and crops were heavily damaged. The residents were taking shelter in tents made from plastic covers used for their crops. They were surviving with limited clean water and battery-powered lamps.

YUM has been working with 40 Integrated Health Posts for 15 years and has identified several women community leaders. After the day’s distribution of emergency supplies, the team talked to two of these leaders at a relief post in a former flower farm. The shelter was leaky and in need of more tarps. The most pressing needs were food, baby formula, and sanitary supplies.

The earthquake has affected most houses in the area, with some destroyed. The YUM team will continue to support and update Dharma Care on the situation. Thank you to all our donors for your support. 

We would also like to thank the YUM team for sharing their experiences of distributing relief to those impacted by the earthquake in Indonesia. Your efforts to help those in need are commendable and it is inspiring to hear about the resilience of the communities you visited.

We look forward to sharing more updates soon and send our thanks and love to all YUM staff and volunteers that do such great work in so many areas of need.

We would also like to especially thank the Dharma Care donors who donated $8,152 to our appeal within 3 weeks during Dec 2022.   This meant we were able to respond to this tragedy very quickly. Also, there was such a great response that we exceeded our target. Instead of helping 500 families, we were able to help 715 families.  What a great outcome !!

Whilst this appeal has now closed, if you want to support YUM further in their work, then the following project is currently also open to more funding.

Reducing Child Stunting, Indonesia

Impressive 98.7% reduction achieved in child stunting from the initial roll out of this program.  Help us take this program to more areas.