Renovating Sine Cera

“Sine Cera is my favourite place to be in Australia and I look forward to going every year.”
Rhys (Nov 2021)

Dharma Care is very fortunate to own and operate Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat. Our 200 acre, 100-bed facility, is located in a magnificent spot in northern NSW just below the Queensland border. It is a wilderness retreat for group bookings but is within 2 hrs drive of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron Bay. It adjoins the magnificent Border Ranges National Parks and its ancient Gondwana Forests.

Sine Cera was built in the early nineties with the help of many volunteers from our charity and the local community. Many people have contributed over the years. It was built as a sanctuary, a place to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Going on the feedback we receive, it is doing just that.

Early building work at Sine Cera
Sine Cera today

At Sine Cera you will discover spectacular rainforest gullies, pristine creeks and dramatic bushland ridges. It is home to the area’s most iconic flora and fauna, including rare and endangered species.

A visit to Sine Cera connects our visitors to some very ancient and important needs – the need to connect with the enormity and wonder of the natural environment, and the need to connect with each other.  It is through experiencing those connections and the friendships forged in such an environment that our guests are rejuvenated and group outcomes achieved.

As a charity Dharma Care focused on children, families and the elderly, we provide significant discounts to family groups and other charities so that they can afford to enjoy the range of beautiful landscapes and experiences at Sine Cera.

We have taken the opportunity to make some significant improvements to our facilities during the COVID restrictions of the last couple of years.

We have repainted all the interiors and replaced ageing decks, all the flyscreens, the curtains in the Chalet, some of the beds and mattresses, and much of the linen. We have continued our work removing lantana from the grounds near the creek. We now also have internet access – a mixed blessing in such a pristine environment, but it’s there if you need it.

We are devoted to ensuring you have the best experience at Sine Cera.


A large property like Sine Cera takes a lot of work and care. Our Manager, Tim Freeman, and his team do an outstanding job. None of this would be possible without their passion and commitment. You will see and feel that passion and commitment when you come to stay.

Replacing ageing ramps
Building a new entrance for the Dining Hall
Repaint and new curtains in the Chalet
Repaint, new linen & mirrors in Fahr House

So, we are ready to go; ready for your bookings when the COVID border closures and restrictions are relaxed in mid-December.

Please contact Richard at to see how Sine Cera might be the prefect venue to bring your extended family back together again. It will provide the perfect space to relax, and to enjoy nature and each other’s company.

Don’t wait too long though. Not surprisingly after so many restrictions, our calendar is filling fast.

If we have not yet convinced you of the delights or Sine Cera, you might want to watch an extended video on YouTube:

Irwan Wyllie, CEO, Dharma Care