Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat – The perfect venue for all kinds of retreats and events

The nature of relaxation and retreats

Dharma Care operates Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat as a low-cost venue for health and wellness retreats, family gatherings, weddings, charity and corporate events.  

It is a wilderness venue within 2 hours reach of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Lismore and Beaudesert.  Created as a sanctuary – a place to rejuvenate the spirit – and has been operating since 1990.

It is located on 200 acres of spectacular rainforest gullies, pristine creeks and dramatic bushland ridges.

It is home to the area’s most iconic flora and fauna, including rare and endangered species. Sine Cera adjoins the World Heritage Border Ranges National Park and its ancient Gondwana forests. These forests have survived since Australia was part of the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana that existed between 510 and 180 million years ago.


A visit to Sine Cera connects our visitors to some very ancient and important needs – the need to connect with the enormity and wonder of the natural environment, and the need to connect with each other. It is through experiencing those connections and the friendships forged in such an environment that our guests are rejuvenated, and group outcomes achieved.

We have had such a wide range of groups visit Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat over the years.  It has created some incredible memories for our guests.

Health and Wellness Retreats

Psychological research has shown that: “access to green spaces, nature-based wellbeing interventions, or a walk in a nature setting, all led to increments in positive affect and better mental health. This has led to the use of the phrase ‘Vitamin G’ (G for green) that captures the beneficial role of natural and green environments in regular doses.”

The study goes on to conclude: “Overall, studies on the psychological benefits of exposure to nature show:

  • reductions in stress levels as measured by cortisol levels and self-report
  • reductions in levels of anger, stress and fatigue
  • greater positive affect and lower negative affect
  • reductions in symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children
  • increases in happiness


Sine Cera’s natural beauty and tranquillity therefore lends itself perfectly to a range of health and wellness retreats, and we have been holding them since it was established in 1987.

You can revive, restore, detox and energise with quiet walks in nature or just simply chill out swimming in one of the many natural creek swimming holes on the property.

Our guests have enjoyed a great range of health and wellness retreats run at Sine Cera over the years including yoga, martial arts, tai chi, meditation, health, personal development, carer support, trauma rehabilitation, and youth to adult initiation programs.

Many of our popular retreat operators come back to Sine Cera several times a year, and year after year.

Sine Cera is a place to rejuvenate the spirit.

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Family and Friends – Gatherings and Celebrations

One of the key reasons Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat is great for family gatherings is the flexibility it offers by accommodating up to 100 of your friends with exclusive use of the property.

With 200 acres of rainforest to explore, nature abounds to excite all ages from energetic ridge walks to swimming and cooling down in the creek.  Enjoy a family retreat at Sine Cera with the space to relax and play – and grow those all-important connections to nature and each other.

Having all your family and friends together across two accommodation areas, with a central kitchen and dining room will suit all budgets. Sine Cera is a beautiful choice for an economical way to enjoy family gatherings of 15 – 100 family members and friends.

Just imagine the boost to family life and personal energy levels that will come from being in such an environment.   

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Weddings – Host the perfect ceremony in the perfect setting

Sine Cera is a well-established venue to celebrate wedding events. It is unique in offering a low-cost venue for those who want to celebrate their special day in a beautiful natural environment with the relaxed comfort of also having both accommodation and catering facilities on site.

Weddings are a unique experience at Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat.  It is ideally suited to couples looking for a more natural, private and compelling wedding experience.

You will have exclusive use of a magical rainforest setting and 200 acres of rainforest to explore. Sine Cera has accommodation for up to 100 guests. You can have the ceremony, reception, dinner and celebrate all on site with plenty of space for everything – and no travel required between venues.  Enjoy your day more, and stress less!!

Having a wedding at Sine Cera allows you to appreciate more those valuable moments together.

Sine Cera is very competitively priced and typically much cheaper overall compared to other wedding venues. We can help by recommending caterers and other wedding service providers – people we know and trust to make your special day that more special.

Sine Cera can also be used not just to host the wedding but to also have a small party stay over for a few days as well. 

However you want to structure your special day, we can make it work beautifully at Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat.

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So much more – charitable and corporate events, creative workshops, bushwalking and bird watching.

Other popular events that have been held at Sine Cera include charity events (where we also offer a generous discount), bushwalking and bird watching or corporate events, team building and training. Sine Cerra is also a great venue for creative workshops in art, writing and handicrafts.

With a full commercial kitchen, food and cold storage space, and a huge dining room space, catering is professional, efficient and cost effective for large groups.

Activities at Sine Cera include walks in ancient rainforests, climbs to ridges with spectacular views, swimming in pristine creek waters.  There are also many walking trails and spectacular lookouts in the World Heritage listed Border Rangers National Park that adjoins Sine Cera. Access to the National Park is approximately 20 minutes away by road.

Whatever your planned retreat or celebration, Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat promises to make it unique as you succumb to the relaxing powers of nature and the enriching company of your fellow human beings.

Contact Sine Cere Rainforest Retreat to find our more, check our booking calendar and the best rates in the region.