Supporting the Health & Wellbeing of The Elderly in West Java

Dharma Care has supported Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) since 2016 by providing rural health, food packages and nutritional support to regional communities in Java through promoting healthy eating, reducing illness or disease and preventing inflammation, anemia and dehydration.

Key Health Initiatives

Physical exercise was one of the main agenda items in the program activities, along with full health consultations for routine blood pressure & cholesterol checks, dispensing of medicines and health education workshops.

Preventing Loneliness and Social Exclusion for Vulnerable Elderly

A number of activities were created in the program to ensure the participants stayed engaged with their community and prevented feelings of isolation.

Arts and crafts, storytelling to preschool students and cooking classes were offered.

Story from a participant

Since the pandemic, for almost 2 years I wasn’t able to enjoy any valuable activity such as the elderly health post program. Finally, in July 2022 YUM restarted the program and automatically I join in it.

With this program, I could see and meet my friends, get new knowledge about health and also got free medical check up.

I enjoyed being involved in this program, every month a health educator always provided us withnew knowledge and we have to practice it in our life. Sometimes, it was hard to practice it but I never gave up because I want to become healthier.

Thank you very much everyone in Dharma Care.

May you be healthy and happy always. God bless you.

Ibu IH, 63 years old

$24,523 was raised for this project during the 16 month period and 153 participants benefited directly from the program.

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