We connect people who care with people in need

Being human means accepting the responsibility to look after those around us who need help, no matter where they are.

Dharma Care provides the funds, services, facilities and safe spaces that offer sustainable solutions to the destitute and disadvantaged.

We facilitate lasting change to support and empower current and future generations to reach their potential.

By partnering with tier one organisations, and our caring and compassionate donors, Dharma Care delivers support that makes a real difference to real people in Australia and overseas.

We connect people who care with people in need.

Dharma Care recently engaged Red Kite Design agency in Brisbane to re-brand both Dharma Care and Sine Cera.

Read all about the Dharma CareBrand Overview, what we stand for, how we work and support regional communities in Australia and overseas.

Dharma Care – Our mission, vision and what makes us different

How to Help

If you like what we are doing and want to support our fabulous team, one of the best ways you can do that is to make a regular monthly, tax-deductible, donation.

If you have an enterprise, we would especially love to receive your sponsorship. We can provide all the information you need to explain the charitable services your enterprise is supporting.

Regular monthly donations have been a life-saver for us during the bushfires, pandemics and floods we’ve experienced in recent years.

Benefits of Regular Giving – Your donations make a difference

Regular donations provide stability and predictability for us to make long-term decisions about Dharma Care and the projects and people we support.

You are providing an ongoing and significant contribution to the work we do supporting those in desperate circumstances.

Your donations can have more impact over a longer period.

Your monthly donations could add up to a significant tax deduction by the end of the year.

The Global Impacts Of Our Work

In the pursuit of creating a positive and lasting impact on the world, Dharma Care has been steadfast in its commitment to grassroots regional projects around the globe.   From health and education to disaster recovery and homelessness, the results speak volumes about the power of collective action and compassion. pandemics and floods we’ve experienced in recent years.

In analysing the impact that Dharma Care, its donors and charity partners, have had over the last financial year.  We’ve been astonished by the results. 

Collectively we helped 76% more people in 2023 than in all previous years combined.