Transformative Results: Dharma Care Charity’s Impact on Global Communities

In the pursuit of creating a positive and lasting impact on the world, Dharma Care has been steadfast in its commitment to grassroots regional projects around the globe

As we reflect on the outcomes of our endeavours, it’s clear that these initiatives have not only touched lives but have also transformed entire communities. From health and education to disaster recovery and homelessness, the results speak volumes about the power of collective action and compassion.

The Winter Warmer: Homelessness Relief Campaign

As temperatures dropped and harsh weather conditions set in, Dharma Care recognised the challenges faced by individuals and families who struggle to stay warm and healthy.  Dharma Care raised $56,944 to support people sleeping rough across Tweed, NSW.   

Working with our local partners, You Have A FriendPottsville Beach Neighbourhood CentreFred’s Place – Vinnies, and Murwillumbah Community Centre, to ensure the resources go to where they are most needed across the Tweed region.

The funds raised have already made a significant impact, providing warmth and support to those experiencing homelessness in the region. The resources have been used to distribute new blankets, sleeping bags, tents, clothing, as well as food and petrol vouchers.  This comprehensive approach aims not only to address immediate needs but also offers help in the form of essentials for daily life.

Read more about this campaign in our summary of the outcomes.

PIO – Schools for Girls: Overcoming Adversity Through Education

The Srey Lak Program for Girls project in Cambodia has provided accommodation, education, food, and board for girls who started life on a rubbish dump or on the streets.  Many of these resilient young women have not only completed their school education, but have gone on to be supported by the program to pursue degree level studies at university, breaking the cycle of poverty for generations to come.

You can still support this project and help more girls break out of the poverty cycle.

Borneo Football International Academy: Empowerment Through Sports and Education

The Borneo Football International Academy has become a beacon of hope for over 3,000 students, reaching 340 players, including three all-girls teams. Beyond sports training, the program encompasses health and education initiatives, fostering holistic development.

Help more children gain soccer and life skills.

YUM Rural Health: A Paradigm Shift in Wellbeing

Dharma Care’s initiative to provide rural health services, food packages, and nutritional supplements has ushered in a new era of well-being in regional communities. The impact is tangible as communities are embracing healthy eating practices, reducing illness and disease, and preventing the scourge of inflammation, anaemia, and heart disease.

Read more about this project and it’s successes.

YUM Child Stunting Prevention : Nurturing Healthy Beginnings

The charity’s focus on child stunting has yielded a remarkable 98.7% reduction in child stunting during the trial period. Through the provision of food packages, education, home gardening, and essential nutrition to expecting mothers, Dharma Care is helping in laying the foundation for a healthier future generation.  This program has now been adopted and used by the Indonesian Government.

Read more about the incredible results of this program.

Cipanas Earthquake Recovery

The Cipanas earthquake created significant challenges for the affected community. Yayasan Usaha Mulia’s 10-month humanitarian relief project made a substantial difference in the lives of thousands of people. By addressing immediate needs and providing long-term support, YUM’s efforts helped rebuild shattered lives and communities.

YUM’s dedication to supporting the affected community has had a profound impact on countless lives during this challenging time.

As an organisation dedicated to the well-being and care of our community, we are deeply appreciative of the comprehensive relief, psychosocial support, and assistance for school-age children provided by YUM.   Their commitment to addressing immediate needs, fostering emotional healing, and supporting the education of vulnerable students has made a significant difference in the community’s recovery and rebuilding process.

Read the final report summary to understand the extent of the recovery efforts undertaken by YUM.

Congo Maternity Hospital: Reducing Maternal and Child Mortality

Dharma Care’s contribution to the establishment of a maternity facility in a region without a hospital has significantly reduced maternal and child mortality. Through health checks, medication, and operations, Dharma Care is ensuring that mothers and children receive the care they need.

Funding for this project was completed and it continues to provide an essential service for the local community.

A Legacy of Hope and Change

By donating to Dharma Care, individuals are not just contributing to charitable causes; they are actively participating in the creation of a legacy—one that extends hope and brighter futures to families and children, transcending generations.

As we celebrate the transformative results achieved thus far, we look forward to continued support, knowing that together, we can make a profound and enduring impact on the world.